What if it rains?

Living in Scotland, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing! The trishaw comes equipped with a hood which will protect you from rain, and a customised waterproof blanket to keep you dry and warm. Having said that, if the weather is so bad that you’re not keen to go out, we can reschedule your Joy Ride for another time – I want you to enjoy it!

What do you do to ensure safety during a Joy Ride?

Each Joy Ride will be risk assessed in advance. The trishaw is equipped with seat belts, hydraulic brakes and as a three wheeled vehicle, is one of the most stable bikes available, therefore there is no requirement to wear a helmet. I’m an experienced cyclist, and lover of the outdoors. I have taken children on many guided cycle rides over the past 20 years in community settings. The rides are not about speed – they’re about pleasure, interaction and enjoying the local environment and the fresh air. I am well placed to put passengers at their ease, and to engage warmly with them while also ensuring their safety at all times. The experience of being on a bike is one of those joyous feelings that you may lose as you get older. Riding on the tri-shaw gives you the freedom that comes with being on a bike in the outdoors with the security that a reliable, safe person is in charge behind the wheel.