“Great fun! Brings joy not just to those enjoying the ride but to everyone we passed. Highly recommend” Sheila, The Meadows

“Feel the wind in your hair and get out about in local area great fun especially for older people” Katie, The Meadows

“I have never tried anything like this in my life and I love it, this was unexpected today but I’m having a great time” Mary, Care home resident.

“Brilliant Lissa, our members have loved their Joyride experience” Kellie, Caring in Craigmillar.

“It’s a fabulous adventure for all ages” Sharon, The Meadows

Happened to meet the lovely Lissa on the canal!! She was stopping to say hi to people! She offered my a lift along the canal & told me all about the project! So amazing, I highly recommend it for people who can’t mobilise so much out & about!!” Sunbeam, The Union Canal

“You have really made my day!” Eileen, Inverlieth Park

“It really is joyful!” Theresa, Passenger, Inverleith Park

“That’s been the best taxi ride I’ve ever had!” Erin, Passenger, Harrison Park

“That’s brilliant! What a great idea!” Onlooker, Inverleith Park

“Can you give me a lift? That looks great fun” Onlooker, Roseburn Cycle Path